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The Season is Here for 40+ Division

The winter hockey season is here and we grow to 7 teams for this season!

Seven teams and a bunch of new players filled all of our player spots and unfortunately, we are unable to place more players on teams for this winter.  We are creating a "wait list" for winter 2016-17 and if we have an opening we will attempt to get new players into the action.


Looking forward to Winter 2016-17

We are eagerly looking forward to another great winter season in 2016-17. We are wrapping up our summer Captains suggestion changes and working on firming up teams and the we will finish scheduling AND then we will get to playing!

The bad news.... Unfortunately, due to low interest, we will NOT be hosting a B or C level division this winter.

The Good News.... We will be expanding the 40+ division to at least 8 teams! This will give more players the opportuntiy to play within this age division.

Wanna play 40+? Send us an email and we'll do our best to get you on a team this winter.

Summer at Five Star Hockey

With another GREAT season behind us we continue to plan and work on refinements that our players have suggested. As our summer planning continues we know that we will be adding players and possibly a team at the 40+ level, THE ORGINAL 40+ LEAGUE JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER WITH AGE.

We continue to look at a C Level of play if we can get 4 to 6 teams with interest. We beleive we can offer a great product and a very resonable team fee.

More will come on this in the next few weeks.

B Division update 8/24/15

The current status of the 2015-16 season for the B division is we have had MANY individual inquiries, but with little time to promote and solicit teams we have opted to place the B division on hold for this winter and work to gain 4-6 teams for next winter season.

We thank every player that expressed interest in playing at this level of hockey through Five Star Hockey!

Battalion win

With much of the first 2 periods a back and forth battle the Battalion eventually took command of the battle and held off the SWARM for the Championship win.

Congratulations to the Battalion!!

Battalion win championship 2014-15

Saloon on Calhoun with Bacon

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It is with great excitement that we add as a league sponsor... Saloon on Calhoun with Bacon! This partnership will offer up lower player fees, some exciting "after game" options and a bit more flexibility for the league.

Please check out Saloon on Calhoun!

Congratulation to our C1 Champions-- TGIF Raiders

What a GREAT game! With a see saw battle and continual tempo and momentum changes the SANDBAR Pub and TGIF Raider teams battled to a 5-5 score  in regulation and continued that through over time. With  2 strong goalies, the teams went to a shoot out with the final shooter for SAND BAR ringing the pipe and scooting the puck behind the goalie and across the net mouth to give TGIF the shoot out win.

Congratulation to our C2 Champions-- SWARM

Another evenly played championship game saw both teams rise to the occasion  and create a tension filled game. The eventual game winning goal was scored early into the third and the Swarm held on against  a third period Hawks barrage for the win. 

Congratulation to our 40+ Champions-- Team 5

With little fan fare and a bit of a surprise, Team #5 sneaked through the play offs to capture the 40+ crown in this the first year of a 40+ league. The cagey veterans of  Team 5 gave the Old Steel players a great game to cap off the season.

Five Star Hockey opens up with new leadership and a new excitement for Adult hockey in Milwaukee

Hopefully, all of our players and supporters are enjoying the summer and looking forward to a great 2013-14 winter hockey season in The FIVE STAR HOCKEY LEAGUE. We believe that we have a great league and a lot of new excitement to offer each of our players.
A few points of new news for the league

  • 40+ division with 6 teams (not on a team and want to play, email us).
  • B, C1 and C2 divisions for easily determining best level of play.
  • We are now a USA Hockey affiliate (easy one step USA hockey AND league registration).
  • We have a few new rules, new pricing (see registration tab), Sponsors (we REALLY encourage you support all of our league/team sponsors), a new score keeping methodology and with your help, the BEST league anywhere!

We look forward to your comments and thoughts as we get rolling into the Winter 2013-14 season.


John Wardman
Rob Perry
FIVE STAR Hockey League Administrators